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Nothin' is a thematic progressive rock tune produced, recorded and co-written by Tim Kranz. His colossal voice and uplifting harmonies deliver a uniquely invigorating sound that keep you begging for more! Tim said this song taught him how “people can grow apart, but with love, friendship and a burning desire, they have the ability to grow together again to make any dream a reality”. Self-recorded and released under Tall Tale Records, with press and radio airplay part of the plan to promote this single.

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About Tim

Tim Kranz is a songwriter and performer who has been creating music for nearly two decades. His background performing in a rock band to musicals and even helping others produce songs has given him a broad range of experience and inspiration that he draws from when he creates and performs for others. Currently, Tim lives in Pennsylvania and is originally from Santa Rosa California where he writes and produces music and is currently working on a new album with a few more singles to come very soon!

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